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Stock trading involves various challenges that require basic knowledge about selling and buying techniques for generating high revenues. There are many people especially beginners find it difficult to earn profits due to lack of ideas.

Ahrvo is a mobile app meant for those who want to make profitable investment decisions with the latest features. It utilizes the multi-factor ranking system and artificial intelligence allowing investors to gain more ideas easily. Another thing is that the app provides the latest stock markets trends and news that can help to choose the best stocks accordingly.

Ahrvo’s propriety system provides ways to create daily stock ratings with real-time mining and abstraction. It aims at guiding the stock investors to have a better understanding of the markets to select the best stocks. Visit https://ahrvo.io/ to know more about its functioning.

Key Features of Ahrvo

• Displays the profiles of dynamic companies
• Allows investors to analyze the price targets daily
• Enables investors to interact with multiple brokers to trade equities directly on the platform
• Comes with a timeline to interact with Ahrvo investment community
• Helps to know real-time prices and stock alerts
• Buying and selling signals
• Daily updates on earning results and expectations

Understanding more about blockchain
Nowadays, cryptocurrency transactions are becoming a popular one because they help to make payments with cryptography to reduce unwanted issues. They work on blockchain technology allowing users to ensure more benefits. It is a public ledger of information where one can record the transactions in blocks with data encryption. The blockchains involve different types and one should know more about them before investing money.

A private blockchain is more flexible than public blockchain enabling members to revert the transactions with ease. Another thing is that it gives ways to change one entity in control. A consortium blockchain is a single highly-trusted entity which enables only one company to have full control over its transactions.

Financial experts say that 60% of financial institutions have planned to utilize blockchain for making money transfers and transactions it is expected that the banks and stock exchanges will use blockchain technologies in the future for lowering their costs to a large extent.

What are the problems faced by brokers?
FINRA is a private non-governmental organization that aims at regulating the operations, trading, operations, and exchange platforms. A vast majority of brokers have registered with the organization enabling them to generate high revenues. However, a recent study reveals that the FINRA regulated firms saw a decline in income over a few years due to some challenges.

The number of small and medium-size brokers has decreased whereas the number of large brokers has increased due to automation. Furthermore, the brokerage industries spend more money when it comes to expenses and other things. The blockchain technology makes it possible to perform the trading process through automation for lowering the costs efficiently that can help to earn high profits

Advantages of using blockchain in the brokerage industry

Brokerage industries these days face a lot of problems which affect their business. Therefore, it is advisable to evaluate them before using blockchain technologies. Some of them include loss of data, insecurity, access restrictions, long hours, and transparency. A majority of stock brokerage firms consider using blockchain technologies because they will result in major advantages and some of them include:
• Reduces the transaction costs
• Provides higher liquidity
• Automation of post-trade events
• Mechanism for transparency and fairness
• Offers efficient solutions and security
• Mechanism for risk containment

What are ICO tokens?

Initial coin offering, shortly known as ICO involves fundraising allowing investors to receive a new cryptocurrency by selling pre-coins or tokens. A token is a type of entity which represents something in a particular ecosystem. There are some tips available for buying an ICO and some of them include:
• Registering for an ICO through a project’s website
• Getting bitcoins or ether and moving them to a wallet
• Buying ICO tokens
• Participating in an ICO by sending crypto to an address
• Getting ICO tokens and figuring out how to store them

Ahrvo’s ICO token details

Name of the coin : Ahrvo
Coin symbol : (RVO)
Token supply : 500,000,000
Hard cap : $ 50 Million
Soft cap : $ 10 Million

Token allocation

40% Token sale
20% Ecosystem Rewards
20 % Team recruitment
15% Business development
2% ongoing referral program
2% Token sale Bounty program
1% Token sale Advisors

Why Ahrvo for cryptocurrency trading?

Ahrvo is the first AI-powered decentralized equity exchange that allows investors to find profitable stocks with multi-factor ranking systems that contribute more to synthesize data. It even gives ways to create equity scores and price targets for streamlining portfolio construction effectively to manage the same without any difficulties.

Another thing is that it aims at adopting blockchain technologies within equity markets thereby showing ways for obtaining optimal results. It works on certain variables such as the trading activity, coin turnover, tokens purchased, and many more. The mobile app is a suitable one for those who want to get more ideas about cryptocurrency trading in detail which can help to invest money accordingly. In addition, it paves ways to get stock triggers using traditional technical factors and other factors allowing the investors to make the right decision. It provides a daily ranking for stocks and ETFs with a combination of growth, value, momentum, and quality enabling investors to know the future stock price performance with ease.

The app built with patent-protected software allows investors to integrate with quantitative and social networking by addressing essential needs. Along with that, the custodian broker model is a tailor-made one that can help to maximize the network effects. Some other competitive advantages offered by the app include:

Patent protection
Ahrvo has filed two provisional patents and one utility patent which will cover the details of upcoming products and features. It provides protection for trading and investing solutions to overcome risks.

Traditional broker experience
A traditional broker experience will take care of all the activities involved in stock trading enabling investors to witness peace of mind. Ahrvo’s custodian platform will help to focus more on large market that provides ways to accomplish goals in the trading process.

Component blockchain developers
Avro has a team of experienced blockchain developers who have a wide knowledge of native coin creation, inflation rates, market trends, and other things. In fact, the company spends 20% on team recruitment process every year for developing new features in blockchain trading.

Holistic investment platform
Ahrvo develops a holistic development pattern which includes the following features.
• $0 commission trading that offers the lowest cost equities
• Personal stock analyst which allows users to pick the best stocks
• 5000+ stock scores and 2000+ ETF scores and profiles
• Ranked investment themes that can help to sort and filter stocks within an industry
• Wall street data and social trading community
• Real-time prices and alerts
• Fantasy investing league

Utilization of Fund

50% Research and Development
Quantitative Investing Systems Development Blockchain and Smart Contract Development
iOS and Android Development
API and SDK Development
White Label Suite Development
Desktop/Cloud-Based Platform
Investment Portal Development (OSX, Linux, Windows)
20% Operating Cost and Working Capital
15% Marketing and Advertising
5% Legal and Regulatory
5% Network Incubator
5% Required Reserves and Excess Reserves
Token Allocation
40% Token Sale
20% Ecosystem Rewards
20% Team/Investors/Employee Recruitment
15% Business Development/Company Reserves
2% Ongoing Referral Program
2% Token Sale Bounty Program
1% Token Sale Advisors


• Ahrvo started its parent company in March 2017 and filed its provisional patent # 1
• In April 2017, it started developing 1.0 version mobile app
• Ahrvo 1.0 launched its operations on IOS and Android applications in January 2018
• In March 2018, the company filed its utility patent # 1
• Raised $150K in VC funding in June 2018
• Filed provisional patent #2 in November 2018
• The company released its 2.0 version for IOS and Android in December 2018
• Development of Ahrvo desktop started in March 2019
• Ahrvo started its blockchain development in May 2019
• Applied to become a registered broker-dealer in August 2019
2019 Q4- Ahrvo released its desktop version

2019 Q4- Filed utility #2
2020 Q2- Accelerator launch
2020 Q3- Planning to launch 3.0 mobile app version for IOS and Android applications
2020 Q4- Blockchain test launch
2021 Q2- Ahrvo API/ white label platform

For more details, investing can visit the website https://ahrvo.io/


Appo Agbamu, CFA

Manik Gupta
CTO and Backend Architect

Manav Suri
Head of Development

Alexander Leruth

Balvinder Singh
Senior Android Developer

Rohit Kumar
Senior PHP Developer

Akshay Garg
Senior iOS Developer

Sakil Mahmud
Systems Developer

Sabbib Alam
Data Analyst


Darin Mangum
Securities Counsel

Artur Holzwert
Business Development Advisor

Michael Essien
IP Counsel

Drew Preiner
Systems Integration Advisor

Jessielyn Abadejos
ICO Community Manager

Lalit Bansal
Business Development Advisor

Daryl Naidoo
Business Development Advisor


Website: https://ahrvo.io/
Whitepaper: http://ahrvo.io/public/frontend/documents/Ahrvo-Whitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5125369
Bounty Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5145652.0

Social media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AhrvoInvestingApp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AhrvoApp
Medium: https://medium.com/@ahrvo

Telegram: https://t.me/Ahrvo

K.Siva Arulmani
Bitcointalk Username: Rachchi
Bitcointalk profile URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2297077

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