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SMATHIUM - Blockchain Royalty Platform

Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is Smathium, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

What is Smathium?

Smathium is a royalties blockchain platform.
Smathium builds blockchain based platform service which can be applied in various loyalty program and membership. It also provides one system by integrating various points and benefits which were separated in different brands.

Through an integrated API of Loyal Factory, the brand can use various loyalty program and functions, and 3rd parties (Third-party who provides loyalty program like event) can design their own loyalty program through Developer Kit.


Anyone Can Enjoy Membership Benefits Like That of a Department Store
Anyone including app businesses and small merchants can provide their own unique membership programs to customers. Provide differentiated membership programs to your loyal customers.

  • Example of Smathium benefits at a shopping mall

Shopping malls can provide membership benefits appropriate for consumer experience instead of providing simple coupons

Single Unified Coin
Customers can receive their rewards in a single form of cryptocurrency instead of different points for each brand. Smathium guarantees the rightful assets to its customers.

Tradable Benefits
Brands participated in Smathium Platform can buy and sell their benefits. Membership program is a new sales channel for large scale sales for the brands.

Ready for Debut
Smathium blockchain-based new app will launch soon.

  • News app launch. - Q2 of 2019
  • Additional SMT-services App launch. - Q2 of 2019
  • SMT-wallet app launch. - Q3 of 2019


Token symbol: SMT
Total supply: 10 Billion SMT
Total sale: 4 Billion SMT
Token price: 1ETH = 20,000 ~ 25,000 SMT


To find more relevant details please follow several sources for the following references:


Bitcointalk username: Sinseykoin