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Hello everyone, this new post I want to introduce about a very interesting and good project that is OneExBit, and for more details, let's just go to the following discussion:

OneExBit [Universal application for crypto-trading]. Analyze competitors. Advantages of the OneExBit platform

In the previous article, I mentioned the problems of the Crypto world and the functionality of the OneExBit platform. I also made a personal statement about why I want to invest in a project. Read more here!

In this article. I will analyze the OneExBit competitors to see the advantages and disadvantages of this great platform.

Overview of competitors

Although cryptocurrency is gradually becoming popular and well-known, which leads to the emergence of thousands of platforms, applications, applications ... However, very few applications or devices that support trading on several exchanges, which gives OneExBit the opportunity to become the most popular crypto support device.

As for indirect competition, it comes from well-known terminals for trading in other markets, which can potentially add cryptocurrency functions in the near future. Of course, they will certainly have an expansion plan, but certainly there are many problems, because each market has its own characteristics and requirements. This is not necessary, because we already have OneExBit ^^!

Direct competitors
but. Coinigy
Also in beta testing.

Some photos of this platform

Market interface
More than 40 integrated exchanges.
statistics and charts provided by TradingView.

API trading and portfolio tracking.
There is no coin for this ecosystem. Instead, it is paid directly through PayPal or BTC, Eth, LTC ...

Complex, overloaded interface that requires a lot of experience to master.

A high monthly fee of about $ 20 per month is only suitable for active traders.

QT Bitcoin Trader
It has long been known and popular trading terminal, which partially automates the trade in bitcoins. The identity of the developers is unknown, but allegedly the creator of QT is a certain Igor from Ukraine, who answers user questions on

Free terminal, created by independent developers, a variety of integrated exchanges, easy to use.

Outdated interface, frequent errors, trading only BTC, limited functionality, no developer certificate for Mac.
with. MetaTrader 5

A widely popular forex and stock market oriented trading terminal. crypto
trading is available through specialized brokers. Connect directly to crypto exchanges are not possible.

A large number of available currency pairs; well-known forex interface
traders; wide range of functions.

Crypto trading is possible only through a broker; far from all brokers are reliable; crypto trading is not the main activity of the terminal.

In conclusion, we present screenshots of all the mentioned applications in comparison with OneExBit:


QT Bitcoin Trader

MetaTrader 5


As you can see from the illustrations, the OneExBit interface combines a stylish design and an intuitive way to display data, which makes it a worthy alternative to Coinigy.

One more thing about the interesting features of the OneExBit platform that I want to mention. In the near future, the social-trading function, interesting, will definitely improve.

The concept of social trading in traditional markets has gained popularity due to the eToro platform; however, it is only now beginning to be introduced into the cryptography market. The key elements of social trading are: a) the ability to find and add traders to their "friends" to see their updates in their feed, as is done on social networks: b) copy the deals of selected users; c) exchange of experience and message system or chat to discuss the situation on the market. The OneExBit social trading module will include all of these elements.

When searching for traders to add to the feed, you can view their transaction history and filter the list by total and average profit, by risk levels of assets, etc. Having found an interesting trader, the user will not need to start copying. his or her profession

right now: you can simply add the trader to your favorites and follow his updates (orders and posts). Beginners will be able to ask questions to traders and learn by analyzing their strategies and results. The purpose of social trading is practical training, and transactions must be carefully copied. Of course, every trader can decide to join the social trading module or not.

Professionals who want to participate in social trading will be added to a special window of the trader, displaying their statistics; the most successful participants will be shown on the Wall of Honor. Transactions can be copied manually or automatically; there will be options for copying all trades made by the trader, to one of his or her accounts, to several or all.

For details information about OneExBit, it is important to check their various links and channels indicated below:


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