For @marcuswahl: AnyTime Tournament as Stream Challenge!

Hello! If somebody doesn't know yet, the @marcuswahl regularly streams on twitch, with account name there is slinterlandsdotcom, to promote the Splinterlands Collectible-Trading Card Crypto-Game. All of you, too, can get involved by contributing to the promotion of the project and spreading the word about Splinterlands! And be rewarded for spending time & creating a crowd and challenging in game.
All details, please, read in the @marcuswahl on Hive. Because below I turn to presenting my proposal specifically for Marcus.

(1) We see that the Stream got enough popularity ...and...

... The number of challenges has become so great that for someone they are reset, the order is lost, who and when to reward, or whether someone from the very first has been forgotten.

Really it is great to see the the popularity of challenges is growing, but it requires scalability.

I am also glad to see Markus' irrepressible energy in the development of various contests and the arrangement of the thrill of the stream.
But for the sake of scalability I want.

(2) The proposition to combine and get synergy!

Let's organize a 24 Hours AnyTime 24 Hours Tournament where:

  • Challenge with Marxus
  • King of the Hill
  • Stimulation of presence on Stream...

I took a picture of one cancelled tournament.

But the details of the proposition are:

  • Lets set the tournament like 15 members, maybe 20 in max
  • Lets set the "group size" like also the same number of members, so this will make Marcus fighting all of the participators one by one! So it will be like a challenge!
  • Lets the Tournament has an Entry Ticket of 100 DEC (for example). This price is called to weed out the participation of random characters, as well as bots that strive to get into each free tournament.
  • But Marcus can (and should?) arrange a ticket price refund on the stream! That is, the player participates in a challenge tournament, he has a time of about 20 hours for battling, and then Markus on the stream, if there is a participant online (privileges for subscribers are possible), returns the ticket price + compensation (if the viewer loses) or + turn the Prize Wheel (if the participant won)
  • There should also be a rule that the participants must fight (carry out all battles) BEFORE Stream. And Marcus himself, on the other hand, on the stream will put his decks like the open showing and explain, and, possibly, receive advices from the chat! Thus, the stream gets additional points for the benefit of everyone!
  • You can even start Streaming with a Challenge or two in the Clash Royale, so that latecomers still have time to play battles in the Splinterlands tournament! And then, the middle of the stream would have occupied just a game of Marcus against 15 (or more) players. The Stream ending also can be like a Clash Royale Challenging
  • Ok, lets figure out, in this Tournament everybody will battling with everybody... So we will get additional Tournament leaderboard table. As we can not know from the start how many people will be participated, so lets the prize pool will not be indicated on the game site, and the system of the prizing in the leaderboard will be described in the Marcus posts (viewers, show your will for the promotion) Also, all prizes will be awarded on the Stream.
  • If we talk about handicap, then you can: either conduct a tournament / challenge with cards without Legendary Cards, or Without cards of Legendary Summoners. Or, simply separately reward (conduct the drawing of the pack, for example) the participants who did not play the Legendary cards (Legendary Summoners; if there were no special Rulesets).
  • You can also take it as a rule that a password is called on the stream, which allows you to participate in the tournament.
    Or it can be named in Discord, for example. With or without the 100 DEC ticket to entry.


  • I hope that the organizing the Splinterlands Challenges part into the Anytime tournament will helps to scale the streaming.
  • It can also be a synergy in the usefulness of the stream, as Marcus will be able to display his decks openly, receive advice or teach a lesson of his own choice for beginners.
  • The open screen may shows the whole process even for the Clash Royale or any other viewers-guests what is the Splinterlands game!
  • Such an organization should give Markus the opportunity to develop a new gift scheme(s) that stimulates activity and mass participation and presence of the viewer.

If anybody have his thoughts, please, welcome in the comments of my post, or Marcus's one:
"Solving Splinterlands Handicapping for Tournaments".

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For those who don’t know what this is all about: Splinterlands is a tradable card crypto game on the Hive blockchain. The transactions are used in the blockchain to confirm the battling in the game, and each card is a unique token (which you can sell, trade, burn, rent smbdy). In addition, the cards have a fairly wide variety of parameters; daily in the market players sell to each other cards in total about several thousand dollars! Для тех, кто не знает, о чем идет речь: Splinterlands - это коллекционная карточная крипто-игра на блокчейне Hive. Для (подтверждения) поединков в игре используются транзакции в блокчейне, и каждая карта представляет собой уникальный токен (который вы можете продавать, обменивать, сжигать, сдавать в аренду). К тому же карты обладают довольно большим разнообразием параметров; Ежедневно на рынке игроки продают друг другу карты на общую сумму около нескольких тысяч долларов!

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@shenanigan Без перевода как-то грустно.

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@alexko ну, невелика печаль,
это описание рекомендации для одного в меру богатого стримера/инвестора в Splinterlands.

О его стримах на twitch-e со всезоможными розыгрышами я делал обзор, вот он:

Ньюанс такой, что он живёт по другую сторону глобуса -- поэтому стримы для нас получаются глубоко ночные.

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