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Opiria & PDATA- quality data!

What is man? This is an intelligent social being, which is 7.5 billion people living around the world. Each of us has personal information that allows us to call ourselves a person. Moreover, throughout life a large number of other people uses our personal informationThey use it for no reason, without asking, without warning, at no cost.

Everyone should earn by doing some specific work, physical or mental, and at the same time continue to provide their personal data free of charge. However, time does not stand still, we all have the opportunity to receive income for the provision of personal data, and to be more precise, for its sale. 

Many companies face such a problem as the lack of personal data that prevents them from fully revealing the needs and desires of their customers. This fact affects no the best way on their income. That is why a platform was created that found a solution in the safe interaction between consumers and companies. 

Opiria & PDATA is a platform based on blockchain technology that allows people to sell their personal data, and companies – to purchase these data from consumers directly for the PDATA platform token that can be transferred to fiat money in the process.

Opiria is a ready-made platform and has its customers, among them there are companies with world-famous names. A new solution that is accepted to be introduced into a ready-made platform is blockchain technology.

Owners with the largest number of  PDATA tokens will benefit from consumers with the least amount. Since there is a ready-made platform with customers of a global scale, the demand and offer for the purchase of personal data will be higher and earlier for those consumers who are owners of tokens.  

When selling personal data, the consumer does not stop to own it, he has full access and control over the data. All user data is encrypted, only the consumer is the key owner for decryption. 

In addition, the purchase of personal data by any company is carried out only with the consent of the consumer and complete reporting on who acquired his data and for what purposes they will be used.

Since the platform works on the blockchain, it has full transparency, but the anonymity of both sides is absolutely respected.

While reviewing this platform, I was interested in the goals and tasks pursued by the Opiria & PDATA team.  

In our world, theft and the provision of substandard personal data are very common, and the so-called "robbers" of our information receive incredibly big money.

Thanks to the work of Opiria & PDATA professionals, a number of problems will be solved between the companies that will know about the desires and needs of the clients on whom their business is aimed, and people who carry their personal data, who will be able to take advantage of this platform to the full and with good profit.  

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Привет всем, кто интересуется криптовалютами и технологией блокчейн! Присоединяйтесь к нашему сообществу!

09.07.2018 10:43

It is good that the platform offers cooperation directly between companies and consumers

10.07.2018 20:01

Now all the personal data of the clients of the platform are protected, and the plus is also paid, the ideal system

11.07.2018 10:08

It's good that thanks to this platform brokers will be eliminated that offer not quality data for a lot of money

11.07.2018 14:30

It's good that thanks to this platform brokers will be eliminated that offer not quality data for a lot of money

11.07.2018 15:08

Be sure to follow the progress of this platform, I was very interested in their goals

12.07.2018 16:56

A good platform, all remain in ideally convenient conditions, companies receive personal information, users pay,

14.07.2018 09:22

I am sure that investors are very interested in this project, the project is very interesting

14.07.2018 15:16

The idea is very good, I was very interested in this platform

16.07.2018 13:51

I absolutely agree that thanks to this platform the so-called identity thefts will be eradicated

18.07.2018 14:28

Wonderful review, thanks for the information

22.07.2018 14:13