That's my story #5. Ulysses Facing the Lion of Nemea

Ulysses Facing the Lion of Nemea

Ulysses and Alkinoos were walking in the gardens, Ulysses told him another of his adventures.



"I was in Sicily, without means of transport," he said, "I walked without knowing where to go. One night I arrived in a village a little too fortified for my taste but there must have been a reason. So I knocked on the door of one of the houses and I explained to the inhabitants my situation. I was lucky because they let in right away. During dinner, I asked them why their village was so fortified.

They explained to me that in the mountain there was a lion, gigantic and indestructible, called the Lion of Nemea. After dinner, I was about to leave but they insisted that I stay awake. When dawn with pink fingers appeared, I made my decision. I would fight the Lion of Nemea for all these people in fear.

When I announced my project in the village they brought me armor, a shield, bow, and quiver. I left. Once in front of the Lion Cave, I was scared but I remembered the people of the village, who lived in this fear every day. I was no longer able to go back so I advanced and I put an arrow to my bow.

When it came out, I unsheathed. The arrow bounces; he was indestructible as I had been told but I had an idea, I put an arrow to my bow, he roared and I unsheathed again. The arrow went right into his throat and he fell dead."


*"Now that you're done, we'll prepare the ship so that you can go home," Says Alkinoos. And they left.

That's my story.

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