That's my story #2. Ulysses and the Griffon

At a feast, Alcinoos noticed a strange wound on Ulysses' arm.
This one? Where did you get hurt and how? Asked Alcinoos The warrior told him what had happened:

"After our stay with the Lotophages, my companions and I resumed the sea. After a few days, we perceived a dismal cave. I asked to keep the ships and ten warriors to follow me. We returned to the cave and through our chatter, we woke up the demon of the cave: the Griffon.

He attacked us and spit acid. Three of my companions were affected and liquefied. Four fled because the monster was scary. With its branded wings, red eyes, eagle head and it lion's body, it made me swallow my saliva. The animal scratched my arm. Suddenly I had an idea, I rushed on him when strangely its attention was diverted.

So I took the opportunity to plant him my sharp sword in the back of my neck and I killed it. We then went out of the cave and took the sea again, but also sad to have lost three comrades. It was then that Zeus unleashed a monstrous storm for having killed his favorite monster."

After this story, Alcinoos offered wine to Ulysses and he accepted.

That's my story.
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I hope the steemmonster founders: @aggroed and @yabapmatt can put a griffon as one of the card monsters.


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