Savor The Simple Pleasures Of Life ...

The miracle is not walking on the water. The miracle is to walk on a green land, to fully inhabit the present moment, and to really feel alive.

The consumer society and the fashions constantly assault us with the idea of ​​the lack and try to make us believe that we have to possess such thing or to realize such an experiment to be happy. We often forget to appreciate all that we have and already live in our daily life: health, a roof over our head, a family, friends, passions, etc.

In our century, we have everything in abundance and this excess diminishes our appreciation of life. These are the little things that make life worthwhile: spending time with your children, strolling with the person you love, chatting with your friends, an exciting book, an ice cream in good company, a flowering tree, lay on the grass and contemplate ... If we come to appreciate all these little things of everyday life, the pleasure will be even more intense! Excesses lead to all kinds of problems.

We are blind to everything we have and see clearly what we do not have. Our present seems so boring and empty that we run away and run after the inaccessible.

I let myself be led on a path that I did not want to borrow, on which I had not planned to find myself. In fact, by putting things flat, I must admit in all objectivity and have taken a distance from what had been imposed on me, that full of things were totally useless. I sat there, and I started to de-clutter my life!

I adjust my way of life every day according to my priorities and especially my values. I hunt in my life everything that brings me nothing or so little, I throw the superfluous, I do not want to hear about appearing, I exclude people who do not know what they want, I flee the unstable , I change the decor, I privilege the communication, I put up mountains of tenderness, I diffuse my love, I taste the simplicity of each moment.

I FINALLY found myself, I FINALLY found my simplicity and I privilege the inner wealth as opposed to the material wealth that I leave very willingly to superficial people. I return to the simple pleasures of life and happiness. Strangely, I rediscovered the flavor of simple joys and I bear much better the evils of this world and especially the stupidity of the human being.

I take time to exchange with my entourage, we talk about rain and good weather, we redo the world with my friends. But most important of all, I can devote all my good humor to my girls, no more tears, no more sad faces. Having come out of the grip, my mother's heart has been rebuilt and beats very hard for her children. We spend time creating things that we could not do, we spend long hours talking or making cakes, we walk in the shops, we spend hours on the phone gossiping ... I have never been so close to them! In short, we let's practice the art of living by promoting happiness and by chasing away the superfluous.

Since I stopped to enjoy the present moment, I am building happy memories. These memories are indelible and a source of comfort when life hurts me: I am filling it up.

One must know suffering to realize what happiness is. In fact, I can almost thank the person who took me on this tortuous path, because she showed me both sides. I no longer live through her and even less for her. I became again ME, I reappropriated MY values.


I found myself on the carpet, out of breath, wondering what the meaning of this mess was and I understood!

Some people will never stop running because whatever they have, it will never be enough. Personally, I am happy to have what I have and I savor every day the nectar: ​​love, tenderness, friendship ... Simple things, but a huge treasure. I am again of this world, my goal in life is clear, I advance serene on the road of happiness.

One must have suffered the rigors of life to savor the simple joys.

Life is not a race

But a trip to enjoy step by step

Yesterday is history

Tomorrow is a mystery

Today is a gift

Thanks for reading.

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