Putting Your Will In God's Will

"... not what I want ..."
Matthew 26.39


Every person desiring to be used by God must be ready to give up his plans and desires to fulfill His will, following the example of Jesus. Sometimes, for God to be glorified, you will be called to subdue your human will. Not easy, but unavoidable. The goal is to subjugate your personal ambition to that of God.

Behind every sacrifice, you will see the glory of God.

Was Joshua's desire to turn around Jericho several times? Did his human logic make sense? Did Abraham, in his heart, desire to sacrifice his son Isaac? Moses, at the age of eighty, dreamed of leading a rebellious people for forty years in a desert rather than living their old days in peace? Did the human nature of Jesus want the cross? No, but everyone has submitted to the will of the heavenly Father so that the divine glory may be manifested.

God will not necessarily ask for painful sacrifices. Moreover, in many cases it will validate your project, however when it will assign you a direction then it will submit your personal will to his own saying "Not what I want, but what you want ...".

Behind every sacrifice, you will see the glory of God. The walls of Jericho fell. Isaac became the father of Israel and Abraham was called the friend of God. Moses was a powerful liberator who saw the glory of God as few people. And what about Jesus ... Make the choice to submit to God.

A prayer for today

Lord, I come before you humbly, I submit my will to You, Amen.

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