Hello everyone, this poetry is for my loving husband. Although his birthday is next month but i feel like writing this.


My treasure I see him tender, delicate and caressing at the same time
He will fill my weaknesses, hold me tight against his heart
On his shoulders strong and solid I could pour my tears
He will not be a puppet, but a real man, my king

From my soul faded by life he will revive the beautiful colors
In my eyes full of little stars will twinkle with happiness
With him finished cold, loneliness, decisions, pains
With him nothing but true feelings, emotions, thrills, fervor

I can not wait to meet him and to share everything with him
I give him the reins to lead us to the tender bliss
I threw away my driving license, I do not want to decide anything anymore
It's up to him to guide me, hand in hand, moving forward together

I'm sitting on my bed, watching the huge starry sky
No clouds tonight, each of them sparkles gently
I let myself go in a whirlwind of pure enchantment
Remove the shield that protected my heart I just decided

Thanks for reading.

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