Life is a Process of Constant Change

We must always face things we did not know, leave aside certain habits or emotional states, modify certain values ​​(even in the details), etc. It is that life, fortunately, is not a tobacconist, but that it moves constantly. And the key lies, precisely, in changing to adapt.


Life is a Process of Constant Change

Surely you have heard the phrase "accepts me as I am, I will not change". But is this really true? How many are those who can be happy in that position of "dying with an ideal"? Nobody says that a couple, parents or a boss have the power to change us but to help us improve to be happier, more productive, more friendly, more supportive, etc.

Staying long in the comfort zone does not take us anywhere. The best thing is that there are swings in life. Undoubtedly, you should prefer to be in a flowing river than in a puddle of stagnant water. Why do you think that in this last space is where microbes, diseases, and viruses proliferate? Because it does not move, basically. Following this comparison, a life that is not modified is more vulnerable to suffer.

Leaving that comfort zone is not at all simple and it will take you a long time to achieve it. But it is worth making the effort. In reality, you do not have to change, but learn how to change, which are two different things. You can remain the same person, but adapted to the situation, over the years, to the environment, to the advances, etc.

If that comfort or lack of change is beginning to interfere with our well-being and happiness, then it is time to take the big leap and move to another place. Once in a while you can go back to that room, but never get attached to it again.

The benefits of changing are greater than what you believe or consider. Unlike what is believed, the stability that many seek (whether economic or emotional), is not always synonymous with happiness. Are you tired of following a daily routine, of always doing the same things, of not innovating even in an iota of your existence? Do not let more time pass for viruses to continue to proliferate in standing water. Get moving and start to change, to one thing, that which you do not like.

It is not necessary to overturn 180 ° overnight, you can start with small details. For example, dress in a different color, take another way to go to work, prepare a dinner for your family, visit a city you've never been to, find a different option for your vacations, decorate your desk with photographs, change places Living room furniture, going to a neighborhood market instead of the super, listening to another style of music ... the examples are endless. It is only necessary to be willing to change and maintain that change. Remember that it will take 21 days to establish an attitude in your personality. Why are you waiting to leave your comfort zone and start living life as you really deserve?

Changes are necessary at all times, do not fear them, be an ally of them. Nothing bad can come from this if your intention is sincere. And the good thing is that not only you but all those around you will begin to imitate you. Go to a world with more people who dare to change!

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