I am on whaleshares. Hurray!!! I Have Been Waiting For This Day.

Hello Whalesharians/ Steemians.

Hahaha, permit me to say whalesharians. I am just happy to be among the first to be here on the platform. Thanks to @officialfuzzy for giving everyone the opportunity to be on this platform. I was not informed by anyone about this platform but I noticed it was listed on masdacs crossposting since I am using it for Steemit and Golos. Since then, I have I been waiting for the platform.

I got the final link to have permission to Whaleshares but I was unable to enter. I don't know why but finally I am here. I have been telling people about this great budding platform and I will continue to.
Now I can say I am one of the early members of this platform.

Christian-trail is what I do write mostly about on steemit but now, get ready to see more of niches from me.
I will continue to bring more people to register and we will all make whales a better platform to be.

Shared on MASDACS to Steemit, Golos and Whaleshares.

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