Hope. A Poetry


Absence has simply replaced loneliness
Life has taken over dreams and the unconscious
The writing and the words made escape the heavy silence
All efforts to get out brought fullness


I'm sitting on my bed, watching the huge starry sky
No clouds tonight, each of them sparkles gently
All these small dots transmit me their brightness
They seem to point the way to the gentle firmament

I fix them, almost the eyes, what a beautiful hope
I feel carried away in a wonderful world tonight
A shooting star has just passed, it's a sign of luck
To life, to friendship, to love, to happiness, a call I throw

When optimism is there, hope is never far from there
And in this case, be certain, the greyness flees, goes away
We must fight the despair, and move towards what is beautiful
Because life deserves to be lived, life is a sumptuous gift

Do not look at me you the moon, I'm not kneeling yet
I run to lose breath but of my dreams, I would go to the end
I tame the time I have left in the hourglass of happiness
I just decided to remove the shield that protected my heart

The road in front of me is perilous, winding and very thorny
I take my pilgrim's staff and share the winds
I walk without a suitcase, compass or itinerary to the east
With my faith in life, my destiny can only be happy

Or by boat, leave my home port and take off
Forcefully cast off and off lead my barge
Without a sail or a lighthouse, just in the light of the stars, flee the port
Because in the end, on a desert island, there is surely the treasure

Whatever the way to go, the trip will be irresistible
The inevitable halts, the numerous and unpredictable stages
But life waits wisely, she is precious and fabulous
I'm going all the way to trust my instincts and make her laugh.

Thanks for reading.
Image by Jills on pixabay free to use images

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