Friendship Is simply Love

Friendship is the term used to unite two people who do not share the feeling of carnal love. It's a simple, direct relationship that is not satisfied with the minimum!


Authentic friendship is a treasure of great value that absolutely cannot be found at random in a way. Friendship for me is beautiful and sacred. It is an umbilical link that binds two people in jubilation, love, but also in difficulties. Nothing can destroy friendship if it is based on sound foundations. A friend must be a cane on which to lean when one is tired, but which does not bend.

Friendship is something extremely profound to me. Feeling close to someone and sharing with him some things, a passion does not make him a friend. Friendship is only possible between two richly human beings who complement each other, sharing their lives without sparing anything, all of which is obvious to both. Trust and friendship are like a mirror: once broken it is difficult to restore them completely.

Two real friends do not support false pretenses. They support each other and when the other goes wrong, he is present, even if it is only to listen. I will say that friendship is free, we should not expect anything in exchange. It should not be used to derive benefits.

Friendship does not exist ready-made; it is customary to adjust it to the affinities of the two. It is a deep feeling that allows trust, fidelity, complicity. True friendship is often revealed in difficult times. It is in hard knocks that one recognizes his true friends.


True friends are those who:

  • Do not flee when you are in pain because they are afraid that it is contagious and even less than it turns out on their pretty colorful world.
  • Do not leave when you're in a bad mood, but struggle to snatch a smile.
  • Take you in their arms so that you understand that you are not alone.
  • Insist to take a little of your sorrow, they accept that you darken their day a little if it can enlighten yours.
  • stay when you tell them to leave you alone because they know when you say the opposite of what you really think.
  • Know you better than they know themselves and who prefers to be unhappy rather than seeing you unhappy.

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    Friendship is two ears that listen to you in joy, in pain: without ever getting tired!

    Friendship is two eyes that see in your eyes as in a mirror!

    Friendship is two souls who take each other by the hand on the path of life and even more ...

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