Do we need others?

The others, it is often super nice ... but it happens also that one is tired of it! At times, we can say that we feel better alone, that we do not need "them"! Is it really possible to live without others?

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Is it possible to live without others?

If we sometimes like to find ourselves alone, to find resources in ourselves, is it not finally because we are surrounded by living and thinking beings who serve us as benchmarks? This can make you think of the animals that, to ensure their survival, evolve into a flock ...
What would be a world without "idea of ​​the other"? If the others did not exist, what about our ability to feel (happiness, sad, angry are feelings that are often related to people), to think (difficult to debate alone!) And to speak (does not language serve to exchange with the other?) ... In Robinson Crusoe's book, for example, Robinson, alone on his deserted island, strives every day to read aloud the Bible that he has with him so as not to lose the use of the word. We who are conditioned to live in a group, it would probably be difficult to bear the loneliness when it continues ...

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Why need others?

  • We need others to not be "alone": it's the base! Feeling "alone" can be associated with a sense of pain.
  • We need others to feel that we exist: we can exist in ourselves but perhaps especially in relation to the world around us. Do not we feel more alive when others are around us?
  • We need others to feel useful: to help, to advise, to listen to others ... it is a true valorization of oneself and the other.
  • We need others to build ourselves:
    ¤ parents for example, when one is a child, to live and gradually learn to fend for oneself.
    ¤ friends, to get to know each other better (emotions, tastes ...), to assert oneself, to understand what is happening in them and in us.
  • We need others in everyday life: to share what we live, to life experiences, to laugh, to feel good!
  • We need others when things are not right: because alone, it is sometimes too heavy to wear. We can not find in ourselves the strength to get better, we need to be supported, listened, helped.
    Relatives play an essential role: they are real supporters!

Today, in a society that individualizes us (everyone in their corner behind their screen!), We must be able to be stronger, faster than others ... These others can then be scary, be considered as rivals, enemies. Teenagers are in the quest for autonomy, it is the moment when those who were closest become bulkier, we try to get away a little! But if there is one thing to remember anyway, it is that we all need others throughout our lives ... and it's completely normal! Parents, brothers, and sisters, friends, teachers, colleagues ... are precious.
There is no shame in asking for help when you are lonely. Everyone also has to be available for a loved one who needs help. So, why not apply the famous maxim " one for all and all for one" (The Three Musketeers)!

Thanks for reading.


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