Degrees of Freedom

Degrees of freedom are wonderful and treacherous at the same time. Often, there seem to be no degrees of freedom. But look around. Only five minutes. You will soon realize how many options we have left.

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For example, what we eat, who we talk to, what we do professionally, what we learn, what we say, what we contribute, how and with whom we interact. What we stand for ...

The safe and comfortable way is to pretend that we are blocked on every corner.

But we do not even see most of the possible ways. We let it happen and are trained to ignore it. But keep an eye on the important difference: A habit is not the same as no choice.

And a choice is often not easy. In fact, it is a very rare thing.

But we can still decide to make a decision. And so we give the degree of freedom the respect that it deserves and to us immediately.

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