Altruistic Community Contest With The First Curation Show On The Serve

Hello Steemians, How are you today? It's getting cold here in South Africa as we are in the winter season. I want to inform all about Altruistic community contest that is going on right now. You can be interested in it and if not, you can share it with your communities, resteem and help boost it with your upvote.

To know about the contest, please visit the post here


Altruistic Curation show

Oh, yeah. There will be a curation show whereby you can present your post to other steemians and get yourself some potential upvote, resteem, and followers. The show will be held in Altruistic discord server. It would start by 9pm, GMT+2,8pm GMT+1, and 4pm EST. That means 40 minutes to this time I published this post.
Be there and get to know others.
See you later!


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