7 Signs of True Friendship

If you have trouble deciding if your friend is a true friend, then your relationship must already be unstable. If you want to know if your friend shares your friendship for the right reasons, you must pay attention to what he/she says, what he/she does and how he/she makes you feel.

Between those who cherish a friendship rich in benefits and those who desperately seek the soul mate friendly, difficult to take stock. To recognize a true friendship does not respond to any written rule ... only to a feeling of completeness, an obviousness, an instinct. Well-being, in short.

Two real friends, two inseparable friends, it's a marriage of souls.
Quote from Antoine de Rivarol; Essay on friendship (1786))

Here are 7 signs that will help you recognize a true friendship:

1. They stay by your side

True friends stay by your side no matter what happens. I hear stories about friends arguing because one of them does not like each other's new partner and other insignificant things. It does not matter to the real friends.

True friendship is one based on esteem, mutual respect, and absolute trust.
Quote from Silvio Pellico; Duties of men (1834)

2. They accept you.

True friends, like true lovers, will not try to change who you are. If you want to change, they are there to help you, and they let you know what they think, but they accept you for the person you are. Unconditionally.

True friendship is one that is delicate without being fragile.
Quote from Simon de Bignicourt; Thoughts and philosophical reflections (1755)

3. They celebrate you.

They are not jealous of you. Instead, they celebrate you. A big promotion at work? Party! The third meeting went well? What would you say about another party to celebrate? Your true friends will not feel resentment for what they are doing for you.

Friendship is the most precious and rare treasure of life. A true friend shares my pleasures and my sorrows; he tolerates my faults and has no cowardly complacency for them. He does not make any continual protestations of zeal, but he shows me, in all his actions, a tender and sincere attachment. It is my interest that he desires and that he seeks preferably at his.
Quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Thoughts of a Right Mind (1826)

4. They invigorate you.

Sometimes we have to get away from certain "friends" because they sap our energy. These people are bad. True friends give you energy and invigorate you, do not tire you, and do not sap your energy.

"A true friend is one when you do not say a word about your worries at all inclusive."
Quote from Maxalexis; The sacred friendship (1998)

5. They are available.

This is a key factor. A true friend is not a friend you must constantly hunt down. Real friends sometimes ask you. They take time in their busy lives to hang out with you.

"A real friend is always available."
Quote from Gilles Archambault; The Obsessive Obese and Other Assaults (1987)

6. They do not say anything.

True friends do not talk about you behind your back. They do not gossip or spread rumors. If they have something to say to you, they tell you that. They will not talk to you about someone in a way that they would not talk to you directly.

"Of two real friends, one can not say bad things about one without the other defending him."
Quote from Louis-Philippe de Segur; Memories, and Anecdotes (1825)

7. They do not become possessive.

If you have new friends and lovers in your life, they do not become possessive. They always give the space you need and are there when you want to do things.

"The true friend gives his heart unconditionally, and only because he loves, he has sincerity, delicacy, transports, and fidelity of feeling."
Quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau; Thoughts of a Right Mind (1826)

Who are your friends and are they for real? What do you think a true friend should possess? Give your comment below.

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