$1.05 million allocated for the development of a blockchain platform from the US Department of Energy

The US Department of Energy has allocated a grant of $ 1.05 million to organizations working on the commercialization of the blockchain platform for energy distribution management.

This was stated by energy company ComEd, one of the four grant recipient organizations. Funds also came from the University of Denver, Virginia Tech and BEM Controls, a company specializing in energy software.

The new project is a continuation of the existing work of BEM Controls, funded by the US Department of Energy, on building energy efficiency software. This latest grant is designed to expand and promote the new blockchain-based energy market. At the same time, ComEd uses its Grid of the Future laboratory to demonstrate the functionality of the new system.

A new initiative is expected to be in development for another three years. Dr. Amin Khodaei, head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Denver, noted:

“The growing proliferation of distributed energy resources requires improved management structures that support P2P communications, being fast, scalable and secure [...]. Now is the time to develop and demonstrate technologies that can make the future of this industry as efficient as possible. ”

The U.S. Department of Energy has long been interested in blockchain. In April, it was reported that the Ministry of Energy will use the blockchain at power plants to combat cyber attacks. Last year, the agency partnered with BlockCypher to develop solutions that allow energy transactions across multiple blockchains. In addition, in January, the Ministry also announced federal funding of $ 4.8 million for university research in new technologies, including blockchain technology.

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