Scammers tried to make money on ICO TON

Scammers tried to make money on ICO TON thanks to Forklog
The hype around ICO Telegram does not fade. This time, the fraudsters came up with another original scheme of earnings on inattentive crypto-enthusiasts.

The fraudsters decided to attract funds thanks to a fake Forklog site with just one page On this page was posted news about the start of the public sale of tokens TON (which in itself can be a fake, because the public sale of tokens TON may not start), it featured a link to a fake Durov account on Twitter for plausibility. The sale of tokens took place on the website But the fraudsters went their separate ways - even a discount of 45% was offered.

The most interesting thing is that the authors of the fake site even tried to absolve themselves of responsibility by placing information in the footer of the site that the site is just an ICO simulation. But this did not prevent to collect more than 50% of the funds from the intended goal.

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