Sale of land plots of augmented reality project Arcona

The Arcona Marketplace team prepares the section of P2P auctions where users will be able to put up for sale the lands.

At present we test correctness of work of a server part and we invite everyone to help us to test new functionality in operation!

Until the section P2P appeared in open access on the Marketplace portal, we create a special chat in Telegram.
Here you will find the detailed instruction how to announce own auction and to bid. For the period of testing the transactions commission will be minimum.

Your participation in tests of P2P auction will help us to find and eliminate all available errors in work of a backend, and considerably will accelerate introduction of this section on official trading platform of the project.

Within one day - on August 6 – public tests will be carried out. It is an opportunity for all who wants to test to put the assets up for sale.

Everyone who is ready to take part in tests we ask to subscribe for official Telegram Arcona channel and to study the instruction which we will post on Monday

Also, we are pleased to announce that the Arcona metaverse Digital land has been fully adapted for full-fledged trading on the peer to peer market of OpenSea with the active support of this leading NFT exchange .

Now it’s easier to buy, trade and bet on both unique plots and sets of land.

Of course, according to our team, our tokens are now one of the most attractive and beautiful on this site =)

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