Now you can pay for cryptocurrency public transport in the Brazilian city of Fortaleza

Brazil's fifth largest city, Fortaleza, with a population of about 2.7 million, will start accepting bitcoin to pay for public transport this year.

O Povo, a local news agency, said that the Cootraps State Cooperative of the State of Ceara will provide Fortaleza citizens with the opportunity to buy bus tickets using BTC, credit and debit cards, in addition to paying in cash.

It is reported that new payment methods are aimed at attracting more users and reducing bureaucracy in the system:

“This is a way to reduce the level of bureaucracy, motivating more people to use public transport. We expect an increase in passenger traffic and we want to simplify the process of paying for trips as much as possible, ”said Cootraps CFO Carlos Roberio Sampaio.

Users will be able to pay for tickets through a mobile application and a QR code.

The use of cryptocurrency in the public transport system is considered by different countries. In April, it was reported that Kiev authorities could start accepting bitcoins to pay for public transport. In February, Argentina added the possibility of paying with Bitcoin trips on buses, trains, subways and motorboats in 37 cities, including the capital, Buenos Aires.

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