News from Arcona augmented reality project

Good afternoon, dear citizens of Arcona!

Today Arcona project will open some secrets of creation of the world of augmented reality and your Digital Lands.

A word from the Arcona team:

Whether you remember those strange pictures with points and lines of which we were so proud several months ago? What we showed, calling it our unique know-how which allows to position the content with a high accuracy and posion the user in a location of the real world.

The R&D team of developers allowed us to show one of video of internal tests of work ArconaCore. This development became the basis of the demonstration mobile application which next week will be presented to experts of the Huawei company.

In the video you see work of algorithms of positioning which clearly demonstrate, the accuracy of interaction of virtual content with a real landscape is very high. In this case the drift of AR content is less than 1 cm also aspires to 0.

The first tests of ArconaCore in the conditions of the urban environment shows the much bigger productivity and accuracy of positioning, in comparison with ARKit and ARCore.

For experts of Huawei we have prepared advaced tests and demos.

The Arcona project will share these tests next week.


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