IBM patents a new P2P-based web browser based on blockchain

A new IBM patent filed earlier this month with the United States Patent and Trademark Office describes a P2P-based web browser.

According to the application, the browser collects a predefined list of data during web browsing sessions. The information is then transmitted to a network of P2P nodes for recording and storage. The collection of information depends on the type of device you are viewing. For example, viewing the pages of a work computer or personal device will require different settings.

Types of potentially stored session data include information about visited websites, bookmarks, geolocation, plug-in installation, and security updates. According to the company, the blockchain-based browser “provides a system for storing information about browsing web pages in such a way that confidentiality is retained and transferred“ to the user's hands ”and not to a third party.”

The patent application also addresses the situation where an external attack is made on a computer browser. Since the browser is based on the blockchain, a reliable backup copy of all user information is available. IBM also included a token in its model. The company says that tokens will verify the actions of the browser during the user's session, as they are added to the blocks for the P2P network.

Recall that the proposed IBM web browser concept is not the only such development in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. In early April, Opera officially released a version of its PC browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. The software enables users to interact with decentralized blockchain applications (dapps) based on Ethereum and Web 3.

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