Hardfork Monero and Airdrop Pundi X

Major Events in March

In the first month of spring, several events will take place at once, which may affect both the cost of individual cryptocurrencies and the market as a whole.
Every month events occur in the world of digital money that can change the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market and the price of individual coins.

Hardfork bytecoin
The network update of the first cryptocurrency on the CryptoNote algorithm is scheduled for early March. Work on this update called Amethyst was carried out gradually. On December 12, the beta version was presented, on February 7, the developers released the main version. Among the many innovations: new wallets with mnemonic backup and recovery, changing the size of blocks, reducing ring signatures, the history of wallets will be stored in the blockchain, another consensus algorithm.

Hardfork monero
The user Reddit under the nickname “sech1” wrote that Monero (XMR) hard forks will be held on March 9, 2019 at a block of 1,788,000. The main purpose of hardfork is to oppose ASIC mining, which has now made the Monero network completely centralized.

The network will be updated on the branch with minor changes in consensus and code corrections. For example, a new mining algorithm and block size will be implemented.

Hardfork Monero is aimed at countering ASIC miners, the previous update had virtually no effect on coin mining on these devices, at the moment about 85% of the network hashrate falls on them. The update will take place at block number 1 788 000. The decision to upgrade was made by developers in a narrow circle, which led to dissatisfaction of community members whose opinions were not taken into account.
What can affect:
Monero Price

Airdrop f (X) coin for NPXS holders

In mid-January, Pundi X developers reported Airdrope f (x) tokens. This is a new blockchain designed for developing applications on the NPXS network. 15% of the total supply will be distributed among holders. In April-May, the next stage starts, the exchange of NPXS for f (x) for qualified investors. 45% of new altcoins will be available for exchange. Then the startup will distribute another 5% of the issue, details will be announced later.

What can affect:
Pundi X Course

THETA Token Exchange

On March 12, there will be a snapshot of the Ethereum blockchain, which will be made for the subsequent exchange of THETA tokens for coins in the project’s own network. There will also be distributed Theta Altcoins, the analogue of GAS in the Ethereum network. The launch of the platform is scheduled for March 15th. A startup is developing a system for promoting video content.
What can affect:

KuCoin meeting in Moscow

In their Twitter account, the representatives of the exchange reported on the upcoming meeting of the community of the cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin in Moscow. It will take place on the territory of the “Table” coworking located near the Mendeleevskaya station. Registration of participants will begin at 15-00, the meeting will last until 19-00. Pre-registration for the event is available.
What can affect:
Cost KuCoin

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