Get cashback in Bitcoin at Safeway grocery chain

Bonus platform Lolli, paying users remuneration in BTC, began to cooperate with a major US grocery chain Safeway. Now her clients will be able to receive 3.5% cashback at BTC.

According to a blog post, Safeway and its subsidiary Albertsons operate 894 points of sales in 17 US states. The Lolli system will encourage buyers of Safeway products at BTC.

In an interview with Yahoo! Finance CEO and Lolli co-founder Alex Adelman (Alex Adelman) said that working with "one of the most famous food retailers in the US will give people the opportunity to own BTC, and for many of them this will be their first experience with cryptocurrency."

He added that, although in the early years of Bitcoin, it was originally supposed that cryptocurrency would gain popularity as a means of payment, he believes that it is the receipt of BTC as part of bonus systems that contributes to the spread of cryptocurrency.

Compared with traditional loyalty cards retailers focused on fiat currency, according to Adelman, cryptocurrency is the best option to save bonuses. He compares it with a savings account that can generate income.

Last fall, the Lolli bonus platform received $ 2.25 million from Bain Capital Ventures and the Digital Currency Group. Lolli allows users to earn BTC when they buy products in stores that are company partners. The firm claims that it has agreements with more than 500 brands, including Hilton, Marriott, Walmart and Forever 21, which give users cashback "up to 30% in bitcoins".
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