Ethereum has the most expensive transactions

Today, February 19, transactions have been made in the Ethereum network, which may be called the most expensive in the entire history of a cryptocurrency project. For four operations, as a result of which about $ 19 or less than 0.15 ETH were transferred from a certain Ether wallet address, the user paid a commission of $ 454,500. The Cryptopotato resource reports this.

In the first of four transactions, the user sent 0.01 ether ($ 1.47) and paid a commission of 210 ETH (about $ 30,850).

In the next two transactions, the amount doubled, and the user paid 420 ETH for each, transferring a total of 0.02 ETH. But the most outrageous was the commission for the fourth transaction: 2100 ETH ($ 308,553) for the transfer of $ 14.69 or 0.1 ETH.
At the moment, the user's identity has not been established, and transactions continue to be made, however, now with adequate commissions. There is a version that the developer could be Ethereum, which did not properly test the dApp codes before interacting with the main network.

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