Eliminates dangerous vulnerability for cryptocurrency owners In Mozilla browser

The Mozilla Foundation has released a new version of the Firefox browser 67.0.3, which eliminated the CVE-2019-11707 vulnerability, which allows to execute arbitrary code on the user's computer.

Using a specific program code, attackers could gain control over the system, as well as access to the user's cryptocurrency wallets. The rest of the critical vulnerability details are only available to a limited group of developers.
As reported by the United States Cyber Security and Security Infrastructure Agency (CISA), attacks that exploited the CVE-2019-11707 vulnerability have already been reported. Users are advised to immediately install the released update.

Recall that in the beginning of the month the company Guardicore Labs, specializing in cybersecurity, reported that hackers hacked more than 50,000 servers worldwide, infecting them with malware for hidden mining cryptocurrency.

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