Cryptoindustry has moved from the period of "investment" in the period of "use"

Representatives of the well-known cryptoexchange Coinbase reported on the launch of the provision of their services in addition in 11 countries of Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Very soon, citizens of 53 countries of the world will be able to use the Coinbase site.

Citizens of Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, India, Hong Kong, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and New Zealand will be able to trade digital currencies on the site, but access to fiat currency pairs will be denied to them.

Experts of the exchange are confident that the digital industry has reached a period of use, and earlier was in the period of investment. For cryptocurrency are more and more applications.

It is possible that soon getting a loan and micropayments will become available with the use of crypto coins. And the conversion of one currency into another will form the basis of a decentralized economy

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