“Coinbase is more than just a cryptocurrency exchange!” - according to Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong, the general director of the cryptocurrency exchange and Coinbase wallet (Brian Armstrong), said that in five years he sees the company more than just a stock exchange.

In a question and answer session that Armstrong held on July 19, he shared his vision of the company's development over the course of five years. In his opinion, Coinbase should become not just a service provider for trading, but a more universal company that will promote cryptocurrencies and their adoption.

The company's CEO emphasized that Coinbase’s mission is to develop crypto-economics around the world through bringing people together in the market and expanding the cryptocurrency community. To do this, the company launched the Coinbase Earn program, in which you can receive coins for tuition. In addition, the exchange is developing cryptocurrency lending and margin trading services.

“I hope that in five years we will advance further. There will be thousands of companies that will turn to cryptocurrency for the first time, ”said Brian Armstrong.

Also, the head of Coinbase stressed that he supports the employees of the exchange who left the company in order to establish their own firms. According to him, he is glad that Coinbase has taught them something, and now they will spread their knowledge further.

Last week, Coinbase launched three new tools that should help novice traders make decisions about deals.
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