Arcona on millions of the latest Huawei smartphones

The project assumes installation of Arcona original algorithms of computer vision on flagman smartphones of corporation which prepare for release in 1 quarter 2020.

According to the area manager of technical partnership, the solution of Arcona is ideal for integration on the advanced devices of Huawei and will help to bring experience of augmented reality to absolutely new user level.

In the last two years the Chinese company actively works on implementation of technology of visualization in the products and at present continues development of own AR glasses.

In cooperation with Arcona partners hope to make serious breakthrough in promptly growing market of mobile AR, having made technology really useful and demanded.

If all stages of the road map are in due time completed by both parties, then next year the Arcona application can be preset on millions of the latest Huawei smartphones

Learn more about the visit of top managers of Huawei to the Arcona office next week!

Tests of work AR Viewer Arcona

Arcona Digital Land have appeared in the listing of the leading decentralized marketplace OpenSea.

The R&D team of developers allowed us to show one of video of internal tests of work AR Viewer Arcona.
The video demonstrates works with mocap data of the land parcel location, data of the owners, and with simplified content.

After launching the application, initializing, connecting to the server and loading the mocap data and content on the land parcel a simulation is started.
The borders of hexagons at the testing are outlined in bright blue. Thus, moving around the city with the launched application, you can always determine at which particular site you are and to whom it belongs.

The video features seven digital land plots, five of which belong to the Arcona system and they have already installed content that can be viewed in parcel borders only.
Two land plots are owned by the user and are opened to the placement of content. In this case, these are airplanes. After installation, the position of the content is saved on the server, and, as you can see, is displayed only on land plot.

Trade your land

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