Arcona AR Viewer application on devices manufactured by HUAWEI

On Friday, representatives of the boards of directors of the HUAWEI corporation met with the most breakthrough St. Petersburg start-ups in the Ingria Technopark.

For a detailed acquaintance, the top managers of the IT giant selected only 4 projects, which demonstrated various technical developments. Augmented reality was introduced by the Arcona team.

In creating a decentralized ecosystem of augmented reality, Chinese experts saw serious economic prospects and enormous potential for applying their own technologies, primarily the 5th generation of 5G communications.

They were particularly impressed with the solutions of the team in the field of remote positioning and SLAM algorithms for mobile devices.

HUAWEI representatives called the Arcona meta-universe one of the most original ideas on the AR market, and technological cooperation with a startup is a very interesting and promising opportunity!

Currently, Arcona is already negotiating to preinstall its custom AR Viewer application on devices manufactured by HUAWEI.


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As soon as the cooperation agreement is signed for 100% it will cause a stir and demand for the token) So guys, time to buy tokens on the cheap and make x)))

09.07.2019 17:44