140 thousand bots lead DoS-attack on Bitcoin Electrum wallet

Electrum Bitcoin wallet developers have reported DoS attacks on their servers. According to The Next Web, it is conducted by 140 thousand bots, which by their actions force hundreds of users to switch to compromised software versions that instantly steal the cryptoactive assets of victims.

In a commentary to the publication, an unnamed cybersecurity expert said that the total losses from the attack lasting for about a week are millions of dollars, and one user lost $ 140,000 in cryptoactives.

According to the lead developer and creator of Electrum Thomas Voegtlin (Thomas Voegtlin), those who have not updated the application version for a long time are at risk. For security reasons, the project team has disconnected software versions older than version 3.3 from public servers and recommends not downloading the application from any resources other than electrum.org, as well as connecting the application to servers only manually.

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