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It is a well-known fact that with the rise of Bitcoin era and the era of the first decentralized currency, financial services have been reborn. There is no longer any central controller or bank influence. The cryptocurrency is one of the most stable one because it is assured by the fact that a consensus of millions of computers are connected, driven by the natural liquid flow of money. The world is facing a brand new period and possibilities. It is a high time to create a perfect digital bank to be ready for the next phase of the progress we have already started.

Though it is pretty obvious that the scale of the global market for financial services like payments, loans,investments at cetera is enormous, I think the humanity have found the solution and created the special place for all financial transaction to take place on a blockchain. It is the first step of a new revolution that is going to change the banking world forever, and the name of such a unique platform is Investa.

According to lots of experts, owning Investacoin is, as they say, the first step towards changing world. Investa is a private enterprise with a comment goal to truly benefit its counholders and users and to perform great innovations.

Investa aims to a fully transparent process beyond the open source coding. Investa is going to engage an accountancy firm for third-party audits, now they are going to be reported to the community. The head team prevents dumping and keeps a stable token price by limitatinb founders from liquidating their INV. They also say that the INV price of future token crowdsale events will be exterminated based on, but never limited.

Moreover, Investa has invented its own Dashboard Platform using which you will be provided with the immediate access to your account dashboard, your e-wallets, debit cards, exchange, internal transfer and, of course, remittance services. The application is very handy and simple to use, I had a chance to use it for a considerable amount of time, so I can say it is going to be a helpful and smart assistant for running your business.

«The future is bright, the future is Investa” says the head of the company, and I cannot help agreeing with him. Pay a visit to the official website and see the future yourself!


HOW TO PARTICIPATE — the first thing to do is register. — join the white list.


Token Distribution

60% — public sale

10% — advisor

10% liquidity pool

15% — team

5% — bounty pool

Token Allocation

20% — ops

10% — legal

10% — marketing

17% — aqusition

43% — R&D

Coin type


Abbreviation — INV

Maximum Coin Supply — 50.000.000

SOFT CAP — 1.000.000

HARD CAP — 30.000.000

Base Rate — 1 ETH = 653 INV

Road map

Jul — ico launch

Aug — coin distribution

Sep — launch Investa platform





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