Healthcare Beyond Barriers

I think we all know that healthcare systems are usually demand to make the difficult decision of whether to reimburse costly pharmacological therapies and provide access for patients while taking into account their limited resources. I think in modern world we all should think about innovative pricing that will enable the funding of new drugs and make the flexible pricing schemes possible. That means that the price of treatment will be in relation to the benefits it delivers.

I did some researches and found out that there is no any healthcare system in the world, which does not lack The relevant infrastructure to track and implement innovative pricing models. Patients are being denied the most needed pharmacological therapies.

The second problem is in the limitations of conventional real world ecidence. Real world evidence (RWE) is playing an increasingly influential role in informing decision making within the healthcare industry and is crucial to informing value-based healthcare. But the expenses of data access and the disadvantages of the collection of this data negate many of the advantages of the resources. Our world lacks of easily accessible and comprehensive RWE.

But I am happy to tell you that now there is a service that has brought back to life value-based healthcare with the help of blockchain technology. And the name of this service is Digipharm.

Digipharm brings together industry expertise and blockchain technology to facilitate the transformation of healthcare to a value-based approach. Digipharm enables the implementation of flexible value-based pricing agreements using a well-know smart contacts technology and develops unprecedented evidence platforms and rewards patients for contributing their data.

The most important benefit of Digipharm is elimination of barriers — the platforms provides the solution to numerous obstacles which are faced by healthcare systems. It improves healthcare delivery and helps to collect patient outcomes data.

The second great feature of Digipharm is patient empowerment. Patients will be incentivized to share and contribute their health related data to inform decision making and health related research.

The third thing I admire about Digipharm is their unique way or using blockchain technology in a completely different sphere. Utilizing blockchain technology promotes the development of a decentralised health information infrastructure that is ubiquitous transparent and security conscious.

The availability of live RWE will provide stakeholders with real time intelligence with which they will have an opportunity to inform decision making and product development across the medicinal lifecycle. Digipharm helps you to save significant amount of money and you will never need another sources — Digipharm is the single platform for global evidence. As soon as you become the platform user, you will be provided with accelerated access to high cost therapy, incentivized innovation and drastically reducing of administrative costs.

Considering everything that has been said above, I strongly recommend you to have a look at Digipharm and start use it now in order to be prepared for the brighter future.




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