Modern market of cryptocurrency services is in its blossom nowadays. And there is nothing surprising in it — cryptocurrency business are becoming more and more popular every day. So, I think now it is a high time to tell you about Omnitude — a middleware layer allowing e-commerce businesses to adopt blockchain quickly and efficiently, without any need to replace current systems.

They have just began their Token sale and it is going to last until the 25th of April. So, now is a perfect time to speak more about that platform, so you can join it in time.

First of all, you should understand what it is. Omnitude is a radical and new concept in blockchain ecosystems. I would say it is a kind of middle step between plug and play blockchain built on Hyperledger Fabric, which can be used across the whole spectrum of enterprise e-commerce platforms.

Hyperledger is the open source, global collaborative project, hosted by the famous Linux Foundation. It is a pre-missions blockchain protocol, using which you can be provided with safe business-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. The best is yet to come, and the Omnitude ecosystem is just about to be made up of a variety of entities, including the support for merchants, customers, suppliers, couriers and referrers. So, as you can see, Omnitude is not only a great platform now, it has a bright future, which is just around the corner.

Speaking about future, it would be a mistake not to mention a ECOM token programme, launched on the Omniplayer platform. This programme was created in order to be a native method of settlement between parties to access the whole ecosystem resources. This is going to be useful not only for merchants, but for customers as well.

Besides, a ECOM token is going to be an incentive for members of this ecosystem to operate and secure it. The consistency of Omnitude’s blockchain is sure to be guaranteed by adistributed network of valkdating nodes running the Omnitude Core client application.

The funds for long-term development of Omnitude are maintained by the crowd funding. It will be spent on the initial issuance of ECOM and on the development the Omnitude. That means there is no need to be afraid of losing your money, the ECOM coins will be the initial float to bootstrap the ecosystem.

There will be no difficulties in joining the Onmnitude or earning ECOM. They can be bought in return for flat currencies or other cryptocurrencies on the exchange where ECOM are listed.

And some more words about tokens in conclusion. All registered people can buy tokens until you reach 50 thousand dollars limit. There are five rounds. On the fifth one the token sale will end if still not sold out.

I have been using this site for quite a long time, and I must say it is very easy to deal with it. Even if you are a new person, (actually, I would say, especially if you are a new person) it will be useful to start with understandable and secure Omnitude ecosystem.
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Pre Sale: January 30 — February 12, 2018 ICO15% discount

Token Sale: March 28 — April 25th, 2018

Token price: 1 ECOM = 0.46c
Total supply: 55 000 000 ECOM
Token : ERC20
Platform: Hyperledger

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