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In the modern world a lot of people love travelling and hate working typical 9 to 5 in a dull office. And I am one of them. For people like us there is a way of work that helps earn money from every part of planet and which enables us to work and rest whenever we want it. This is freelance. It can be a constant way to make a living or a part-time job, it does not matter — it is convenient, no one can argue with that.

Now I want to tell all of you, who regularly deal with freelance, that now it has become even more convenient than it has been before. Let me tell you about LibertyLance — a self-regulating and decentralized gig-based marketplace for freelancers and clients. It gives you a chance to transact in the quickest and the most transparent way using the famous technology of smart contacts. This platform is really a revolution in freelancing services, a lot of problems are solved due to the power of blockchain technology.

With the help of the smart contacts, the platform eliminates any possibility of a central authority, non-payment and undeserving reviews. You no longer need to struggle with incredibly high charged fees, central control, payment issues and undeserving reviews. I have seen services require 30% fee, but LibertyLance members pay no more than 2%.

The authority now is not in the have of a few people whose decision are sometimes unclear. Moreover, you do not need to wait for 2 weeks to get your payment. On LibertyLance as soon as client is satisfied with the work, funds will be instantly transferred through smart contracts to the freelancer.

I think you or your friend have been in situations when freelancers have to burn extra fuels to meet up with deadlines or else they get an undeserving review after all the hard work they had put in and ultimately an adverse effect on their earnings and rankings. In LibertyLance people believe that it is extremely unfair, so the team guarantees you will never ever be in that sad situation again.

Check the official website for a further information and start making your business more efficient and your life better since this very moment!

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Potential Target Markets

Token Summary

Project Name: LibertyLance

Token Symbol: LTN

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 50,000,000 LTN

Exchange Rate1: ETH = 5000 LTN

Bonus: 5–15%

Hard Cap: 5500 ETH

Soft Cap: 400 ETH

Token Distribution

Road Map — is executed on time.

Just want to say a few words about the team.

She is professional and active. Participants actively conduct their social networks, which causes trust.





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Telegram: @bountyman

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