The concept of individuality and privacy with a blockchain phone on the Function X platform

Function X platform-the basis of individuality and confidentiality of data with blockchain phone

The Internet has become an integral part of modern society. But it opens up promising opportunities not only for communication, but also for the theft of confidential data, unfair competition and surveillance of users.

The Function X platform brings together a strong team of developers, a carefully crafted roadmap, a unique blockchain phone concept, its own wallet and a development strategy to restore public and user confidence in the benefits and opportunities of the Internet.

Solution of actual problems of digital society together with Function X concept:

  • Implementation of the declared standards of safe and comfortable work on the Internet,
  • Successful solution of complex risks and limitations when working with cryptocurrency,
  • Organization of the Foundation for the development of the global digital community,
  • Confidence in the security and privacy of users without negative consequences for the usual performance standards and functionality of mobile phones,
  • Implementation of its cryptocurrency for the prospects of profitable investments and income.

The implementation of the concept of Function X progressive blockchain smartphone

At the time, the prototype XPhone made a splash in the world community. It has opened up real prospects for users to maintain their anonymity and data privacy despite encroachments from various commercial and government organizations.

To date, a new milestone in the development of this project has been launched, which has undergone a wide range of useful and important improvements. Within the framework of the project, the developers of the Function X platform were able to take into account the opinions of users and expert assessments in the framework of thematic presentations and events.

As a result, the functionality of the platform was significantly expanded, providing flexible opportunities for individual Assembly and modification of the system for personal tasks.

Among the main significant improvements of the system is the ability to display the individuality of users with confidence in the guaranteed protection of all data and personal transactions.

Full blockchain capabilities are at the user's disposal

The new concept of the system assumes the ability to quickly switch between Android and blockchain mode-just one click is enough. In the standard mode, the functionality and capabilities of the system are available, similar to the connection of Android 9.0

When using the blockchain format, the transfer of all data through encrypted solutions is provided. Calls or messages will be transmitted not through a centralized mobile operator, but through various encrypted actions.

Consequently, the user has full control over the situation, their data and absolute anonymity.

To achieve this result was possible due to its own platform called Function X, with a guarantee of decentralized execution of all actions.

In addition, the possibility of functioning of each module as a separate node is realized. This enables users and developers to contribute to the future development and growth of the ecosystem for the benefit of the secure digital community.

Versatility of possibilities and preparation of individual design

Taking the classic concept of a smartphone as a basis, the developer was able to prepare a truly revolutionary technology for customizing security and confidence.

The design concept is the real pride of the project developers. Each kit will come with a set of elements and components for self-Assembly of the smartphone, controlling not only your own data and privacy, but also the selected design solutions.

Such flexibility is provided by the project developers not only for design, but also for a set of internal technologies. In particular, it is planned to work with open source code, which each user can use to plan and solve their tasks.

This approach allows us to provide a solution to the key task – to give each user the opportunity to work effectively with the blockchain without the need for complex training.

A new milestone in the development of the global Internet – privacy standards with Function X

Platform Function X managed to gain a huge development potential, given the preparation of the first popular concept in society fully decentralized smartphone.

In addition to security, the developers managed to implement the declared performance and functional standards, confidently corresponding to the level of top models.

Due to the competent translation to work with blockchain technologies, it was possible to revive the General faith of people in the Internet, with effective protection from illegal and incorrect activities on the part of commercial and public institutions of completely different levels.

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