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The creation of the Internet has provided mankind with many new opportunities, including the exchange of information and files. Thanks to this, people can gain new knowledge, view beautiful images, enjoy music, watch videos and much more.

At the moment, there are a huge number of online services for file sharing, but they all have certain disadvantages, which include:

  • a limited amount of storage;
  • low file transfer rate;
  • insufficient number of options;
  • low level of competitiveness of official file sharing services in relation to illegal ones;
  • insufficient level of data security and safety;
  • limit free access to files.

To solve all the above problems will allow legal and free platform Library, which will provide people with the ability to store, access and search for useful content.

Project objective

The main goal of the creators of the platform Library is the preservation of files, eliminating illegal file sharing, as well as providing users with a convenient method of sharing files.


Principle of operation

Within the FFL site, users can perform the following actions:

  • file search;
  • adding;
  • sort;
  • use;
  • selling files;
  • dealing with complaints on copyright;
  • investment of resources the PC in a P2P network.

Search and use of files will be available through any browser. Each user can search for files by keywords or other parameters. Moreover, they will be able to select files from a certain category. If the found content is free, the platform member will be able to use it instantly. In this case, paid content will be available for viewing and downloading only after payment.


All files uploaded to the network for use by other participants in the P2P format are pre-processed for viruses, legality and copyright compliance. This test is carried out by artificial intelligence. In case of copyright infringement or placement of a file with a virus, the user receives a fine. If such violations are repeatedly committed, the user is blocked. It is important to note that before or after downloading a file, its owner can add meta information to it and set the amount of payment for viewing or downloading it.

After downloading, each file necessarily goes through the sorting process, which is attended by users and AI. When you enter metadata, the owner of the file sets the category. If the category is different from the actual one, it will be charged a penalty, if the metadata is entered correctly, the owner of the file will be charged with the FFM platform tokens.

Copyright on a particular file is also checked by AI. Upon detection of copyrighted files, the content is blocked until the author's decision, which may:

  • to set the price for distributing the file;
  • to request the removal of.

When buying such a file by the platform participants, the author will be able to receive income.

The platform will host and store such files as:

  • e-book;
  • articles;
  • images;
  • music;
  • television show;
  • software;
  • video;
  • cinema.


In addition to all the above, the platform provides an opportunity to earn tokens within the network. To do this, the user will need to download a specialized application from the platform. This program will allow the participant to provide the resources of his PC to store network files and increase its bandwidth.


Also, within the framework of the platform, users will be provided with cloud storage services that allow them to store important files. The storage size will correspond to the number of tokens on the user's account (100 FFM = 1 GB).

The main resource Library will have FFM tokens that can be purchased at a bargain price during the ICO.

Dates and details of the ICO

The developers intend to release 10 billion coins, of which only 20 percent will be sold during public sales. It will be possible to buy ffm coins at the price of 0.01 dollars in the first quarter of 2019.

The hardcap project is $ 12 million.

The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:



The idea of creating a file sharing service that ensures copyright compliance, allowing the free distribution and sale of files in the P2P format may be of interest to a huge audience. Files Library will provide high speed, security and safety of files, which is very important for most users. The growth of the audience, in turn, will lead to an increase in the cost of the platform tokens.

Therefore, you invest in Library in the early stages can be very profitable.


Official resources of the project Library:


MY ETH ADDRESS: 0x90051516FC3451D7bF1b5e7D0A4486757FC81C32

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