AERGO - the next generation blockchain!

What problems need to be solved?

Companies want to manage the blockchain on a private cloud, as well as on machines without a pre-installed operating system. The functionality provided by a private cloud and environments without a pre-installed operating system is significantly different from the functionality of public cloud services, which in turn can provide rapid development of blockchain services for enterprises through the involvement of third-party developers. Private blockchains are not able to provide sufficient scalability, security and decentralization at the same time.


AERGO aims to solve existing problems through innovative architecture. Will be used without server technology with the possibility of combining the use of sidechain, public and private networks.

Steps to success:

  • Coinstack parent platform from BLOCKO. Blockchain technology BLOCKO has found application in about 40 companies, including the government of South Korea, Samsung, Korea Exchange, Hyundai Motors, Lotte Card and many others.
  • The new SAM software package (SQL, AERO and Meteor) allows developers to easily create and deploy dApps applications on the AERGO platform.
  • The AERGO virtual machine supports many programming languages, allowing programmers to encode business logic in dApps and smart contracts in SQL, C++, Golang, JavaScript and Python.
  • Aergo also supports smart contracts in Ethereum using EVM.
  • Strong team. Most developers come from Blocko.
    Phil Zamani. Member of the Board of Directors at Aergo and concurrently chief operating officer of Blocko.
    Hun Young Park. Blocko technical Director.
    Roderik van der Graaf. Managing partner and member of the Board of Directors of Aergo.
    Won Kim. Blocko Founder. Is a technical adviser Lemniscap
    Jane Lee and Alison Shim. Natives of Accenture - a consulting company that provides consulting services to organizations in the areas of strategic planning, optimization and organization of outsourcing of business processes, customer relationship management, management of logistics processes, personnel management, implementation of information technology.
    Experienced and strong programmers.
  • Large and well-known investors: Rockaway Blockchain, GBIC, FBG Capital, JRR Crypto and others.

Overall results

Given all of the above, there is no doubt that AERGO in partnership with BLOCKO, which has 25 million users, using the open source platform will succeed, as well as create competition for IBM.

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