The Diamond | Limited Edition Print | Solo Driven Art

For thousands of years ancient civilizations utilized the power of crystals and gems to heal their bodies on both physical and mental levels. Formed deep in the mantle during a period of millions of years under unimaginable pressures of the changing environment, those precious masterpieces were trapped in the darkness together with their magical powers.

Crystals even the ones exposed to the earth’s surface have never been able to fully embrace the light and energy which it carries, they were patiently waiting to get freed! Humans were the only creatures able to allow such a unique - spiritual and historical union.

But even they for centuries have underestimated the powers that are being accumulated in such a union as well as it’s righteous use.

And only knew how to assign nothing more but a monetary value to it. I devote my first artwork which started my movement “Diamond” to our silent physical and mental healers Crystals and Gems.

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