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Since the cryptocurrency entered our lives, many changes have occurred in our lives. Crypto is not only a trading tool, but also an industry that creates jobs. In this regard, it contains a lot of fraud within the structure, and it also contains many successful initiatives. The system includes translators, designers, article writers, software developers and many other professional groups. They want to host more experienced, talented and qualified people in projects that want to preserve their quality. In addition, it is necessary to emphasize that blockchain technology is not a goal but rather a tool that projects are more specific.

Blockchain technology should not be considered merely a means of making money. Blockchain technology also enables us to rediscover money and look at the future more positively. Because it has many different features than the normal monetary system. For example, a system that consumes much less energy, pollutes the environment much less, pays much less commission for its operations much faster. Although it is a sector of 10 years, blockchain technology does not see itself as the technology of the future. Well, what are the problems and needs of this new sector? I want to take a closer look at this.


Security is one of the biggest problems the crypto world faces nowadays. Because of security issues, the blockchain is seriously damaged. One of the biggest reasons for this is that platform architecture is not drawn well. Because there are too many exchanges in the market, most of them are controlled by unsophisticated, inexperienced people. Unfortunately, projects that do not fully guarantee the security of the system are under the threat of security. In addition, exchanges markets cannot offer high-quality customer service support to customers. When you try to communicate with these stock exchanges through channels such as Mail,Telegram, You can't get satisfactory answers. The fact that customer service services are made up of inexperienced and uninformed people causes this problem to arise. In addition, a lot of stock markets cannot be effective enough due to the low daily volume. That's why some stock markets find the solution to create fake volumes. The lack of quality of their architecture, the lack of software and poor customer service, which do not see the necessary attention to the users of the stock market can go to deceive in this way. In addition, most of the existing stock markets are designed with the desktop and phone application interfaces quite badly. Instead of a customer-oriented and a customer-friendly interface, they have badly crafted designs. When it comes to this, customers have a time and security problem when evaluating the liquid they have. All these problems are serious damage to both the blockchain technology and the investment of the users.

Solution: Xcrypt Exchange

xCrypt is a unique solution for all the problems described above, thanks to entrepreneurs who will eventually get direct access to their customers and will be able to encourage them for every perfect purchase.
You might think that a project like that has happened and this is not news. But believe me later, I will explain the xCrypt concept in more detail and you will see how big the difference between them and xCrypt.
The advantage of the xCrypt platform is that xCrypt only creates an environment for communication between the two parties, without taking active participation and without charging large commissions. It’s nice to work with xCrypt, because in its arsenal there are a large number of tools, both for entrepreneurs and buyers.

Employers: get access to all functions that contribute to adjusting their reward system, where each set minimum and maximum that can be accessed by everyone.

User: also accepts the entire social environment where he can make a purchase, receives money back, shares his review of the product purchased, invites his friends and receives additional commissions for the purchase of his friends.

Principle of operation
Crypt is a semi-decentralized, hybrid exchange that provides trading experience without throughput, real-time, and high, in conjunction with blockchain-based solutions. Through the management of trade matching and Ethereum transaction delivery centrally, xCrypt allows users to trade continuously without waiting for transactions to be mined, fill multiple orders at once, and cancel orders immediately without gas cost

ICO details
As I did before, there will be a token in the interior of an attachment in the system, which includes the interesting name XCT. This token has a quality ERC20 coin developed at the location of the blockchain Ethereum. Selection in the direction of the Ethereum network is not made suddenly. Because this network includes a variety of benefits that will ensure the security and responsiveness of the events of this project, still contribute to high liquidity and ignore the conclusions of developing the entire project.


We are creating an ecosystem of current special markets. This is the reason why we are the end to the end of the ecosystem with extensive services, on the side of social media to build strong communities and provide a sense of identity to various trades, until finally in the field. Our tokens carry tangible evidence for holders only wanting to preserve it, trusting the project also for the medium / long term.




XCrypt Token Sale Details :

Token Name: XCrypt

Token Symbol: XCT

Token IEO price: 1 XCT = 1 USD

Total supply of XCT token: 200,000,000

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