As cryptocurrencies spread and the number of these digital assets increased, the world began to evolve in a new direction. Blockchain technology has started to come into contact with almost every point in our lives. From now on, by paying less commissions, we started to make safer, more transparent and less costly money transfers. Blockchain technology is the last point in which money evolves, according to some. Regardless of the situation, Blockchain technology has given people a new habit of paying. In this way, the monopoly of the banks were struggling to escape from while we have been freed from the oppression of the state.

As a result of all this, the exchanges where this cryptocurrency could be bought and sold have emerged. We met with a lot of exchanges, including central and decentralized exchanges. For now, Binance, the world's most well-known exchange, has a centralized storage system, a monopoly on the market. Most exchanges try to monopolize the cryptocurrency market by using a central system. But these central storage systems, which are contrary to blockchain's own philosophy, are now about to fall into history. Because Javvy is aiming to offer a much more advanced exchange that uses decentralized infrastructure.

Problems of Exchanges

The cryptocurrency market has been monopolized for a long time. Some exchanges are trying to establish a complete dominance in the market using this power. In addition, the use of central storage system of these exchanges constitutes important problems for the security of the users. The exchange, which store all their data in a central repository, become an open target for hackers. A highly risky, insecure system, centralized stock markets are a type of stock market that I never preferred.

Other than that, most exchanges have no useful and reliable wallets. The absence of these wallets that support various altcoins gives users a bad experience. In particular, the lack of wallets supporting various subcoins is a big problem for customers trading in the market. The wallets of the existing exchanges have insufficient functions and can not fully respond to the requests of the users. Because when considered as a whole, the exchange and the wallet are a whole and must be used together. The user who wants to trade on the stock markets quickly wants to perform their transactions quickly by keeping their cryptocurrency in a much safer wallet.

Another problem with the existing exchange wallets is that these wallets are useless. Most wallets have poorly designed, useless interfaces. But it is a fact that we have a much simpler, easier and faster wallet interface to satisfy the customer's satisfaction. Having a simple customer-friendly interface allows customers to exchange faster and thus maximise the crypto money experience.

Another important problem with the crypto money markets is the KYC process. Some exchanges can complete this process days later, maybe weeks later. The exchange that do not realize the process of diagnosing the customer quickly are going through the process of realizing the transactions of the customers. In addition, given that these customer information is stored in a central storage system, the KYC process that other exchanges are pursuing is not safe at all.

In addition to all this, the commission fees on other stock exchanges are very high. In addition, the wallets of these stock exchanges are not supported in many operating systems. These wallets, which are only defined for Windows software, are a problem for customers who use different operating systems.


XCrypt is a revolutionized hybrid exchange i.e a centralized and also a decentralized exchange that gives a trustless, continuous, high-throughput trading experience. XCrypt hybrid exchange empowers the users of the exchange to enjoy a consistently trust and transparency with a lower trading fees for the execution of transaction.


Average of the cryptocurrency exchange that exist today do charge a lot of transaction fee which is not less than 0.2% of the quantity of transaction you want to execute.

One of the challenges of digital life is security; the internet life are prone to attack from cyber criminals. Same issue occur in the trading exchange today. Many traders and investors has been bankrupted by the hackers whose dive in into and exchange to stole users fund. Not many exchange could provides sufficient security to protect users asset and data.

Some exchange shot operation down without informing the users. This type of scenario has occurred severely in the recent time and the users have no option than to bear the lost.

Some exchange are not user-friendly, they have a lot of interface challenge which make trading difficult for many users. Some exchange KYC process and requirement is very complicated for many users to handle.

Average cryptocurrency exchange we have this days lack liquidity and are not transparent despite they tag themselves decentralized exchange. Not every exchange in this ecosystem could be trusted again and it is not a welcome development in this ecosystem.


The XCrypt exchange take the concerns of the users of the platform as top priority; they have put in place all measures that will secure the exchange from the hand of fraudster and hackers.

The XCrypt exchange also take the transaction fees into consideration, they level the transaction fees into zero charges. This means users of this exchange will be able to trade and do other transaction without paying a dime.

The XCrypt is working too to make sure the exchange as a very good interface for the users that will be making use of the exchange to trade. It won't take too much time before it get load and everything will be ease as desired.

The XCrypt exchange will register as a security token sale exchange; this means the platform can not shot down and ran away like the other exchange that does not register under any organization.

Xcrypt accompanies the expect to extend the cryptographic money administrations where presently the vast majority of the digital currency fills in as individual administrations. By utilizing xcrypt each supporter cash could be raced to the top. It will offer a few diverse speculation openings which can be effectively gotten to by various tasks. It will likewise make an amazing trade opportunity in their stage where clients will almost certainly have look on significant market information, zero expenses exchange , check card and mining operations. It will likewise offer security and straightforwardness on their stage.


The XCrypt has adopted a new way of sale for their traditional token (XCT). Do well not to forget that the token will be used to enjoy all the services of the XCrypt exchange. So the platform will be organizing an initial exchange offering at IDAX exchange to sell their token to individual that wish to invest in this project.




XCrypt Token Sale Details :

Token Name: XCrypt

Token Symbol: XCT

Token IEO price: 1 XCT = 1 USD

Total supply of XCT token: 200,000,000

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