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*It's no secret that the crypto-currency world has long ceased to be something wild and incomprehensible for a large number of people. As it seems to me, the myth that cryptocurrencies are a kind of soap bubble that was created specifically to undermine our global financial economy has long been dispelled. But this is far from true. After all, the main purpose of cryptography is to deprive our financial system of various bureaucratic techniques that they use regularly in relation to us. After all, cryptocurrencies with their smart contracts seek to minimize the number of parties involved in the transaction between the two market participants, while reducing all possible transaction fees and commissions, which are simply teeming with our traditional financial world. As for me, this is just a noble cause, because we have long ceased to be the owners of our assets, as the lion's share of our income will still take away the state and the banking system to which we all belong.

*Blockchain technology, rising to the sun, with its new digital elements and accompanying smart contracts, intends to destroy this vicious circle. What is symbolized by the active actions of various countries and States to introduce these elements in their daily processes.

*Of course, many countries are afraid to actively change outdated principles and rules, not letting new technologies to their doorstep. Nevertheless, I think this question is still open, since the advantages of blockchain are obvious and it is foolish to deny. It is therefore only a matter of time before we all move into one big decentralized world.

*The conceptual idea that will be discussed today is Bcnex platform. This project will be able not only to demonstrate the effectiveness and ease of use of modern technologies, but once again to prove to all of us that it is possible. The main thing is to want to move in this direction.

What Is Bcnex Unique And Different From Other Trading Platfrom?

Bcnex is not just another crypto trading platform that add to the number of existing crypto exchanges with nothing that set it apart from the rest. Bcnex is a trading platform that its brilliant team created with sound technology with the sole aim of providing intuitive environment and trading atmosphere while ensuring that the users of the platform have flawless experience whether in trading, making a withdrawal or keeping their assets on the platform. Bcnex proud itself in its ability of provide users with pleasant experience and the team are always available and ready to answer to assist their customers and answer their questions so as to make them enjoy trading on Bcnex. It is simple, easy to use and convenient blockchain trading platform. On Bcnex, every API function is load tested in order to ensure that speed and reliability are not compromised. On Bcnex, customer always come first.

Safety and Security

Unlike several existing crypto exchanges that always suffer one attack or the other, many of which has led to loss of users’ assets, Bcnex was built with safety and security in mind of its brilliant team. Bcnex will ensure that assets of their customers are safe and secure with its robust firewalls, anti-DOS tools, and multiple user alerts. Bcnex have taken step to ensure that unauthorized access to user’s account are prevented by locking the account (for certain period) if suspicious activity are detected and alerts the owner of the account.


Many crypto trading platform abound today have weak technical architecture because they want to cut corner with time and money, and thus, choose the easiest way to get their platform up and running. They look and work fine at first, but as users increase and traffic increases, these platforms will eventually overload and slow down to the point of unable to process user transaction and request. Bcnex have effectively taken care of architecture issues by deploying micro-services architecture to ensure high scalability by adding physical servers when the system needs to handle large amount of transactions and traffic. Since pleasant user experiences is one of the goal of Bcnex and its team, the platform will always maintain a stable service with uptime of up to 99.9%.

Optimal Wallet

When taking into account that large cryptocurrencies are being stored on major exchanges, then we will realize the important pf having optimal wallet that can keep user funds safe and secure. This is exactly what Bcnex provides. This will be done with a combination of a hot wallet, a cold wallet, and secure hardware. About 98% of digital assets on Bcnex will be stored in various cold wallets, free from internet and malicious attacks. Yes, Bcnex and its team have prepared for everything to make this platform the best trading platform in crypto world.

Cross-platform Trading Capabilities

In order to ensure that users have access to their assets anywhere they find themselves or any devices they have with them, the team will ensure that Bcnex is available across multi-platform such as Web-based client, Android App, iOS App, Mobile HTML5 client, PCs and rest of API interface. With all these, you can have rest of mind of always taking your assets with you anywhere you go.

Other features of Bcnex that set it apart and far ahead of other crypto trading platforms include but not limited to; multilingual support which include English and Vietnamese, others languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese etc. will be added gradually. Incentives of up to 75% also available to traders that use BCNX to cover transaction fees. Awesome right? Bcnex will support transaction pairs of major coins such as BTC, ETH, BCNX etc. Transaction fee, withdrawal fee, listing fee and other charges will be among the lowest when compare with other major exchanges that charges user exorbitant fees on their platform. Bcnex is simply the best place to be as a crypto trader that like convenience, easy-to-use, secure, and pleasant user experience.

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