[Living By Example] - You Are What You Eat

[Living By Example] - You Are What You Eat

Ever heard that saying you are what you eat?

Well…it is not far from the truth and my personal opinion on food is that it has to be as nature intended (non GMO, no chemicals, no added nasties, no added sugars and no hybrids) or your are going to most likely suffer and experience an “accumulative effect” of any alternative choices you make.

This accumulative effect defines your overall health.

Your body will generally reflect your lifestyle choices so it is important to feed your body the right information on a consistent basis.

We were born to eat certain foods (including high quality water) and in the last 100+ years of industrialisation that quality and purity has been catastrophically compromised.

Many of us live in a toxic state (heavy metals, chemicals, bad EMF and other).

I am far from perfect however in the last 8+ or so years I have done a lot better and have worked hard on my own health and fitness and this includes my nutrition and water (I will do a blog on this later).

Part of this new behaviour is to make mindful efforts in certain areas of life so I can inspire others and this week I want to talk about the Farmers Markets.

I have shopped at Woolies, Coles, Aldi and even the Belconnen Markets however nothing compares to the quality found at the Farmers Markets.


The taste, quality and freshness of the food is amazing and when you eat it often you notice the difference when you downgrade your choices to a major Supermarket chain.

What I buy at the markets:

1) Sustainably and Ethically Farmed Eggs (no hormones)
2) Fresh Fruit & Vegetables (non GMO and non Hybrids)
3) Fresh Spelt Bread (high protein and no wheat/gluten)

There are so many great things to see, taste and buy at the markets and I had some Real Chai and also bought a 2kg bag of Walnuts! Brain Food!

I am a big fan of fruit and vegetables that have seeds and if you are eating a vegetable or fruit that has been modified to a seedless variety it is not intended for human consumption (in my opinion).

The seeds and flavonoids and various other parts of our fruits and vegetables are crucial elements to our health and if these have been deliberately excluded or altered from the mix we are opening ourselves to future health issues and deficiencies (synthesis, vitamins and cellular health).

The questions are….how much do you care?

How do you want to look and feel?

What life do you want to lead and if you have children what do you want to teach them?

Hopefully this sparks some more mindful adaption to new routines and I would love to hear your thoughts on the Framers Markets and the quality of our food in general.

Next week will be the WATER we drink!










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