[Learning] - Filex 2018 - A Fitness Experience


Last weekend I ventured to Sydney for the annual FILEX convention which is for fitness professionals who want to enhance and refine their skills and to stay in touch with the industry as it evolves.

The keynote was presented by Michael Crossland and it was the first keynote that has ever made an emotional impact on me personally and it has motivated me to ensure my contribution to my community and those around me is immense.

It is time to step up the effort.

Since then I have made plans to start a new foundation which I will share with everyone at a later date.

The focus will be supporting the South Lombok environment and local farming industry as well as side projects looking into cellular disruption and cellular health which are things I am passionate about.

The courses I attended:

1.  Building a fierce culture 
2.  Crazy core and so much more
3.  Take your squat to the next level 
4.  Ketogenic diets
5.  How to take offline business online
6.  Kick boxing and Muay Thai
7.  Mastering tuck balance
8.  Building a high performance team
9.  Mechanics of lighting and strength
10. Marketing that stands out
11. Full your business with clients you love working with
12. Buns of steel
13. Animal flow 

Lots of takeaways and feeling inspired.

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~ Sebastian

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