SCAVO: World Revolutions blockchain, specialized in the construction of telecommunications data center infrastructure

Scavo Technologies will create an environmentally efficient program for cryptocurrency mining that is sustainable for the longer term. It’s pleasant to find them take a long-lasting approach to their business style.

Competitive advantages of the project are:

The SCAVO approach results in a modular solution, which makes it easily scalable. It produces its own electricity using renewable energy sources, becoming self-sustainable and environmentally friendly.

All this goes to the profitability of the project, guaranteeing periodical payments to investors in a completely transparent and automatic manner by means of smart-contracts.

Mechanism of work:

  • To reach the targets proposed in our advancement, it was essential to work in the concept of “Market 4.0”, this is normally to achieve the highest level
  • of proficiency and automation of the practical functions for decision producing.
  • The suggestions that report our engagement think about gain access to tidy energy and at an incredibly low cost, the utilization of professional grade pieces for the produce and assemblage of different models that produce up the crypto mining sophisticated, strong performance and the important robustness to hold out the crypto mining method in the extended term.


Achieving energy self-sustainability was a key milestone in the development process of the project itself as it will allow the development of the company’s different operating models without being tied to traditional energy costs as well as to energy market fluctuations or policies of energy. The use of renewable energies for the generation of electricity, allows to develop this ecosystem in different parts of the world where energy cost is incompatible with the market of crypto mining.

Achieving energy self-sustainability in a maximum period of 12 months will reduce the cost of energy per KWh from USD 0.12-0.15 to values between USD 0.01 to 0.05 and a minimum expected useful life of 10 years.


In order to achieve a large-scale crypto mining system, scalability was a point of strong consideration. For this, all the design and construction guidelines of the different components allow for greater modularity. Blocks were designed (at the subsystem level) in a standardized way that allows the exchange between any of them. At the same time, being a modular process, they are conceived to be able to put together different arrangements to add or remove capacity in a practically unlimited way (subject to the deployment space of the complex).This has allowed us to offer an intelligent solution to the situation of access to energy at competitive costs and therefore contribute to the principle of decentralization as well as easy access to the application of technology to the general public.

  • The SCAVO Token will be entirely backed by the mining hardware as well as by other equipment that is part of the renewable energy generation plant that will exist in a real physical place generating crypto assets 24x7.
  • The SCAVO Token is based on a smart contract on the Ethereum network. It is an ERC-20 token, the de facto standard of today′s tokens.

PUBLIC SALE: 21 JUL 2018 – 31 OCT 2018




PRICE: 0.6 USD = 1.0 SCAVO


SOFT CAP: 500,000 USD

HARD CAP: 83,600,000 USD

TOTAL TOKENS: 200,000,000

SCAVO intends to remove imbalance supply of energy and provides unbalanced distribution of energy over time and space. Thus, it will be another solution for the different energy prices in the market.

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