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The structure of most social networks does not esteem prefers as advancement of the substance’s creator. This leads users to like things notwithstanding when they don’t generally like the photograph or video and likewise like things for pulling in new devotees. Be that as it may, regardless of whether the like is genuine, despite everything it doesn’t convey guide advantage to the creator. 

Monoreto - a social network with the ability to monetize the likes.
Thanks to Monoreto, communication and communication will become even easier and more convenient.

Let's see what the Monoreto network offers:

  • Monoreto will help bloggers free themselves from dependence on advertising since popularity is something that will also result from a large number of monetized likes. Monoreto also helps foster relations between bloggers and subscribers with less annoying advertising in posts and a more loyal audience.
  • Monoreto aims to solve all of the problems listed above by “creating the world’s first generous social network for every user on the planet.”
  • The key feature of Monoreto is that users receive MON tokens for each like they receive. Every time you post a photo, video, or update on Monoreto, you have the opportunity to earn real money for each “like” you receive.
  • The goal of implementing a paid-like system is to increase the significance and value of likes. Likes are no longer just an arbitrary way to recognize someone’s accomplishments on social media. They’re a way to transfer genuine value.

Mechanism of work:

Each like costs at least 5 cents in tokens. By giving likes you promote your account in the newsfeed (as well as by receiving likes), get a part of the platform's profit and other benefits. Zero transaction costs and all the mechanisms to motivate liking mean a lot of use cases (direct profit without ads, crowdfunding, charity, online quizzes with cash prizes etc).

Monoreto is a social network that:

• Lessen the requirement for blogger advertising as a strategy for adaptation• Increase the centrality and estimation of preferences and enhance general quality substance

• Give every client an opportunity to acquire from posting photographs and recordings

• Making fakes and bots unprofitable

Each user of Monoreto will receive all the modern mechanisms of social networks, brought to the ideal:

  1. Improved tape posts - photos and videos;
  2. comments under posts for feedback from subscribers;
  3. function Stories, allowing you to create a photo and 10-second video with text overlay, emoji and handwritten notes;
  4. live broadcasts, giving the opportunity at any time to talk about something important to their subscribers. But the ideal user interfaces - not the main advantage of Monoreto.
  5. In addition to the standard possibilities for communication and communication, each user of Monoreto gets an opportunity to earn money by managing his personal account.

Token : MNR

Pre ICO Price : 1 MNR = 0.025 USD
Cost : 1 MNR = 0.05 USD
Soft top : 200,000 USD
Hard top : 800,000 USD
Tokens available to be purchased : 500,000,000

The roadmap:

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