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Lancer Network   is an unprejudiced decentralized site for advertising then advancement crowdsale and blockchain ventures. This platform assumes the flexibility of payments. Earn and pay for the actions you want - BTC, ETH, BCH, LNW. Our format opens up many different ways to view free work. There can be a lot of workers on an abstract task. You can choose the best or take all of them.

For the enterprise, the work process is also simple. It is necessary to create a task, return the money and pick up the performer. Results can be assessed both in the process of performing tasks, and once after its completion. If the customer believes that the work is performed poorly, then he can apply to platform experts to obtain an independent opinion. The existing rating system on the platform helps to establish filters for searching performers with certain ratings and in a certain environment.

Way of work:

  • Availability of work for individuals at any location in the world
  • Trustworthy and transparent payments system (Blockchain technology)
  • High-standard security protocols against third-party frauds
  • Quality and standard maintenance guidelines that have to be adhered
  • A hybrid platform, i.e., a combination of Centralized & Decentralized structures with full platform accountability.

ICO Purposes:

Fundraising and the issuing of Lancer Network tokens (LNW) are aimed at platform development, raising marketing funds, and advertising campaigns for the Lancer Network app. LNW token is a utility-token that provides access to the platform’s operation.
A total of 250 000 000 Lancer Network tokens will be released. Lancer Network’s public launch and a global marketing campaign will be launched on the basis of the money collected during the ICOround. All unsold tokens will be burnedCharacteristics of the ICO
ICO will be launched in these steps:
Private sale: 26.05.18
Number of tokens for:
Private sales 35 000 000
Softcap — $ 200,000
Hardcap — $ 1,500,000

The money will be allocated for developing the Beta-version of the platform and for the marketing preparation of the ICO seed-round.For trust and loyalty of our platform pre-sale, investors will get:
54 000 LNW for ETH in first five days of presale
52 000 LNW for ETH in second five days of presale
46 000 LNW for ETH to the end of tokens presale
ICO : 26.07.18Number of tokens for ICO will be 148 000 000 LNW
Softcap $ 800,000.
Hardcap $ 8 000,000

After the end of the ICO, the tokens will appear on the IDEX and HiTBTC exchanges. Down the creators plan to enter all the largest crypto-exchange exchanges in the world, including Binance and Kucoin.

Some important links for you:

Website: [https://lancer.network/]
Whitepaper: [https://lancer.network/docs/LancerNetwork-WP.pdf]
Telegram: [https://t.me/LancerNetwork]
Twitter: [https://twitter.com/lancernetwork]

Author: [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=340183]

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