Rose in purple. Vol I (Photos by sardart)

In the language of flowers the meaning of purple roses is that of extravagance and amazement. And in fact their beauty fascinates and amazes ...

Purple color is not very common for roses. But the great variety of this beautiful flower knows no limits, so here are the purple roses.

Some varieties of this rose are Bluebell, Charles de Gaull, Claude Brasseur, Cardinal de Richelieu, Rhapsody in Blue, Rosa Blue Lagoon,
CAROLINA GIRL ... Lila Wunde, Sissi Blue Moon…
These unusual colored roses are very refined and have many admirers.
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linea rossa.jpg

My photos (I Use Nikon D3200)
Cagliari 111.jpg

Thanks for your time!

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Thank you for the beautiful photos. Roses are very beautiful, especially in the first photo. Welcome to the Golos.
Sorry about my English. I'm studyin.

21.01.2019 06:44

Very beautiful photos. Thanks. The colors are exquisite :-)👍😊

21.01.2019 11:16